Expand your business in China and Hong Kong with a reliable partner leading the way.

We create opportunities and help you to transform them into business partnerships.

Technology transfers

We offer assistance in finding and striking a deal with the right partner in China and Hong Kong. We can provide valuable connections to our cooperative network of local government institutions and private organizations.

Business Development

Our team has years of first-hand operational experiences in China and Hong Kong. We cooperate with companies and their local stakeholders on a daily basis helping them adjusting business models that bring the best results.

Technology valuations

Get to know the fair market value of your patents, licenses or any other knowledge and know-how to get the best possible business results. We provide valuation services via well-established and renowned partners in Canada, UK, and China.

Sourcing in China

Lower your risks and speed the process with us leading the way. With our partners, we have over 20 years of experience with sourcing in China and offer assistance on every stage of the process.

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Invitation to the 3rd China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition

Shenzen, China, is organizing  the 3rd China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition  that attracts numerous high-quality overseas start-up projects, in order to  integrate innovation and entrepreneurship resources to help foreign innovators and entrepreneurs connect with Chinese hi-tech industrial resources , thus expanding the Chinese...

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Do you want to enter into the Chinese market?

The Chinese market offers companies from EU territories diverse opportunities to enter its market. The size of the market and the cultural differences bring unique challenges that we help you to understand, turn into opportunities, and make a successful business deal with the right strategy. The first step is to present your idea to us, after that we jointly formulate a strategy for entering the Chinese market. We can assist you...

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At JT Business Development Ltd we create opportunities and help you to transform them into business partnerships. The company is incorporated in Hong Kong. Established in 2015, we already accumulated decades of experience in international sales and business development.

Today, our main focus is on business development in the Slovenian, European, and Asian markets with special links to Hong Kong and China. We believe in the vast potential of active collaboration in these markets and see our role as a connector and valuable friend in foreign market endeavors.

There are countless opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs and we take pride and joy in assisting businesses towards seizing them.

Our services enable you to safely expand your business into the Chinese market. We specialize in business development, business partner search, market analysis, knowledge and technology transfers, investments by private in public investors, soft-landing in incubators and technology parks, connecting companies with Asian producers and sourcing, and establishing joint research projects. On top of that, we are experts in project management. We will navigate your foreign market development endeavors toward the successful implementation and enable you to enter new markets faster and safer.


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